Contemporary and mid-century forms crafted from Vermont hardwoods
with traditional techniques and the belief that the tools we use for even mundane tasks
should look beautiful and feel good in the hand.

Twice-turned bowls...

...are worked by hand on the lathe twice, first from a green log into a thick-walled approximation of the final shape and then again after several months of drying time to achieve their final form.

Spalt and Figure...

...these colorations and patterns featured in much of my work develop in the tree in response to stress and in the fallen log as it starts to decay. The features are only revealed as the wood is turned away, so the process becomes something of a conversation between my idea for a form and what is present in the wood itself.

What's New:



Not all of my show inventory makes it up onto this site, so if you saw something at one of my markets, it (or a similar piece) may still be available. Just ask. Follow my Instagram feed for more recent/in-process work:

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Café Wall Illusion

There is still no consensus on the mechanisms behind the illusion of sloping mortar lines and wedged shaped tiles in the Café Wall Illusion. On one leading theory, McCourt’s (1983) Brightness Induction Model, the illusion is produced in several stages. In the first stage, lateral inhibition in retinal ganglion cells

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